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Charlotte Hornets unveil classic uniform

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The Hornets latest uniform pays homage to the pinstripe uniforms of old.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their latest uniform today, and it’s the one many have craved since the rebrand. Called the “classic” uniform, the jersey pays homage to the pinstripe jerseys the team wore during the original iteration of the Hornets, and they’re as wonderful as you hoped they’d be:

For comparisons sake, here’s the original pinstripe jersey:

Photo: Lou Capozzola

A noticeable difference between the two is the thickness of the pinstripes. From the available image, the new uniform appears to have thicker vertical lines than the original.

One subtle, but cool feature is the classic Hornets logo front and center on the shorts.

For the most part, though, they look roughly the same, from the white trim on the bottom of the shorts, to the blue and white trim on the sleeves and collar of the top. Of course, the Jumpman logo is a nice addition as well.

The unveiling is a bit surprising given the team wouldn’t confirm the uniform when asked earlier. That said, a short clip posted by the team earlier today, featuring grainy VHS quality footage, hinted the uniform would be a throwback:

The team announced the uniform through a promotional video that reflects on the meaning of “classic”, and ends with the unveiling. It features Dwayne Bacon and Cody Zeller:

After the somewhat underwhelming unveiling for the two previous jerseys, today’s release feels right. This is the jersey many fans have long sought, and the team did a nice job of playing their cards tight and while subtlety hinting that the jersey would eventually come.

You can read more about the classic uniform here.


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