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It’s make or break for Michael Carter-Williams

After several rough seasons in Milwaukee and Chicago, is this the last chance for MCW?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Carter-Williams’ (MCW) production has gone no where but down since he won Rookie of the Year in the 2013-2014 season. After two seasons with Milwaukee and a season stint with Chicago, MCW is hoping to restart his NBA career here with the Charlotte Hornets.

The eye test on Carter-Williams is beautiful — a 6’6, 190 pound point-guard with a seven foot wing span doesn’t come around too often. His ability to defend either guard position — and some forwards — makes him a very valuable asset on the defensive side of the ball.

However, that is good about his game at the moment.

The weaknesses of MCW are clear as day. Offensively, Carter-Williams is not very skilled. At all. He is poor at running the pick and roll, and a career 25 percent 3-point percentage has made him virtually useless in today’s NBA offensive schemes.

It should be VERY fun when he and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are on the floor at the same time. For 1. Name confusion, and 2. Inability to get buckets.

That said, he has at least shown some flashes of being at least serviceable on the offensive side of the ball, mostly through his athleticism. This has been pretty much what has kept him in the league for the time being.

This is going to be a project for Steve Clifford and the coaching staff. Luckily for MCW, the Hornets staff has a nice track record of reviving struggling players careers. Jeremy Lin for instance, once New York Knick LEGEND, and a then failed Houston Rocket and Los Angeles Laker. Lin came to Charlotte and excelled as the back up point guard, and even managed to steal a nice hefty country from the Brooklyn Nets.

You’re welcome, Jeremy.

You can say the same for Nicolas Batum as well. Coming off one of his worst seasons in the NBA with Portland, Batum was somehow able to earn a $140 million contract to stay in Charlotte after he posted career high numbers his first season in Charlotte.

This is what the Hornets can expect from MCW when he checks into the ball game: lockdown defense, decent passing, layups, maybe a cool dunk at least every five games, and passing up a helluva lot of open shots. This will be his path to a max deal with the New Orleans Pelicans next season.

If MCW can regain the confidence that he had during his rookie season, then the Hornets organization will be very happy. The potential is there for MCW. He’s had 5 career triple doubles and came extremely close to quadruple double in his very first professional game; 22 points, 12 assists, seven rebounds and 9 steals against the Miami Heat.

He has some ability!

With all of that said, I am at least 83 percent positive that Marcus Paige will be the backup point guard at some point during this season.