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Help Wanted: Write for At The Hive!

It’s that time of year—we’re looking to sign free agents.

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Apply here!

Hello, friends!

Over the years, At The Hive has developed into the premier Charlotte Hornets blog and we’ve been blessed with an outstanding cast since I became Managing Editor a few years ago. However, I recognize that our site is a development tool for many of our writers and that eventually, they’ll move onto bigger and better things.

For example, Chris Barnewall—everyone’s favorite fat cat blogger—recently nabbed a full-time gig with CBS after spending time with us (and other blogs) as an editor. Watching him grow the last few years was a treat and I hope to help guide yet another generation of writers to find their respective ways in this weird new mediascape.

If you bleed teal and purple and want to develop your skills as a content creator, reach out to us. We’re always looking to add new talent and I look forward to working with you. Here’s a snippet from our job posting detailing what we’re looking for:

-The Staff We Need-

Contributor: Game Day Coverage

The staple of SB Nation -- one of the reasons people come to us and trust our coverage. There's, at minimum, 90 games to cover every season (don't forget those 8 preseason games!) and maybe even a postseason swath that's even more intensely covered. For every game we have a preview, a live GameThread and post-game coverage that includes a quick recap (posted within a half hour of game's end) and a full recap (in-depth analysis to be posted the next morning).

Contributor: Social Media and Short Form

Some people are just programmed for social media, specifically, for us, that's Twitter and Facebook. We need people who can contribute to our social accounts and use them to effectively promote our material. This includes scheduling tweets/posts for ICYMI's with enticingly clever pitch lines that present the article content in an appealing light rather than just regurgitating the link (regurgitation is an easy way to get unfollowed.)

Contributor: Features and Analysis

There's obviously a ton of material that can be self generated on each team and isn't reliant on news or game play for inspiration. We have all types of content flavors on our sites: film breakdowns, trade speculation, reaction to pop culture, silly lists, game diaries, and statistical analysis.

Be prepared to answer a couple of questions and provide examples of past work. If you don’t have any experience just yet, feel free to get your feet wet with a FanPost on our homepage. Oh, and here’s a link to the job posting again.

We hope to hear from you soon!