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And another goodbye

After four years, I too am stepping away.

Heat v Hornets

Well, I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye as well.

Like Josh Priemski, I too am stepping away from At The Hive. This wasn’t exactly planned (at least not far in advance), but life outside of ATH has left me unable to devote the time I need to continue in my role as editor. Don’t worry, it’s all good things. What I realized, however, is that the balance between life, work, and writing that I’ve been able to sustain for the past four seasons is no longer sustainable. I had to cut back somewhere, and unfortunately it had to be ATH. A new managing editor will be taking over soon. I don’t have details beyond that, but I’m positive he or she will do a great job.

How it’s been four years is beyond me. Josh brought me in prior to the Hornets re-branding of the 2014-15 season. For me, it was a small dream realized. I’d long sought the opportunity to write after years of following the site during the Bobcats years. (Side note: there will never be a better blog name than Rufus On Fire). At The Hive may not be a fat cat corporate blogger site (as former ATH writer Chris Barnewall was famously called once), but there is no blog that better covers the team or represents it’s fan base.

I’m older and more cynical when it comes to social media these days, but it’s impossible not to look at everyone attached to At The Hive and not acknowledge the community that has been built almost entirely online. Most of us have never met in person, and yet I feel varying levels of connection to every past and current writer. And on rare occasion I have met someone, it doesn’t feel like we are meeting for the first time. We’re a community, be it blogger or commentator, and that’s a huge part of what makes this site function.

I’ve also enjoyed helping other writers develop their skills. I’m a bit self-deprecating when it comes to my ability as a writer, so in turn I put it upon myself to improve the writing of others. I got that chance two seasons ago after becoming editor, and I’d like to believe I’ve helped many of the staff improve (but I guess they’re ultimately the ones to decide that).

It’s going to feel weird not being apart of this anymore, at least in the way I’m used to. I’d love to say I’ll be around on Twitter, but I’ve found the website to be detrimental to my health because, well, look around. That said, you’ll likely see me pop up during Hornets games. I may also hash out the occasional article if whomever is running the site will let me.

To leave things off, I’m going to thank a few people. First, to Josh, because you gave me the opportunity. Second, to the past crew of Chris, Russell, Derek, Daniel, Steve Bob, and Josh C who were there when I got on board and who I continue to stay in touch with, even if it’s with the smallest of online interactions (sorry Chris, you can no longer fire me). To the current crew — Jonathan, Dylan, Stephen, Andrew, Evan, and Laieke — may I continue to haunt you with the words, “Feel free to pitch me articles!” To the Locked On Hornets crew — Doug, David, Nata, and Walker — I will gladly accept any invitations on the pod if I can continue to show off my mug collection. To James, who asked me to help start a blog years and years ago that ultimately landed me this gig. And finally to the fans — even the Jeremy Lin stans, who were mostly good aside from the lady who got mad at me online for using a photo of Lin turning the ball over — y’all are wonderful and you keep the site running.

Above all, thank you for reading. Writing for At The Hive has been wonderful, and I’m going to miss it.