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Game Preview: Hornets vs. Bulls

The Hornets return after a four game road trip looking to avenge their latest loss.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it be because the Hornets were on the final leg of their road trip or just plain apathy, the Hornets did not show up against the Chicago Bulls in Chiacgo Wednesday night. They struggled to stop Zach LaVine from getting to the basket and let Cameron Payne get hot from behind the arc. Offensively they struggled to put the ball in the basket, especially from three. The Hornets still had a chance to win it late, but a back breaking Nicolas Batum turnover on an inbounds pass with five seconds left wiped that chance away.

Luckily for the Hornets, they get a chance to immediately avenge that defeat. Both teams are in Charlotte, so the Hornets are now the beneficiaries of home court advantage. The Hornets have played significantly better at home than on the road in recent seasons, so this could be exactly what the team needs to get back on track after five straight bad halves of basketball.

Aside from the being in the comfort of their own beds, the Hornets have a couple other things working in their favor that they didn’t have on Wednesday night. Bulls power forward Bobby Portis is out with a knee injury, so that’s one less offensive threat for the Hornets to worry about. Also there’s no way Cameron Payne hits seven 3-pointers in a game again, right? Right?

The Hornets play five of their next six games at home, and this match-up with the Bulls provides the Hornets to start that homestand on the right foot.