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2018-19 Player Preview: It’s a make or break year for Frank Kaminsky

Power forward Frank Kaminsky enters his most important season as an NBA player in 2018-19.

NBA: Preseason-Charlotte Hornets at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

2018-19 is a make or break season for former Wisconsin standout Frank Kaminsky. His up and down career has led to a crossroads with him and the Charlotte Hornets. With new additions to the front court, the time is now for Kaminsky to prove that he is worthy of an extension with the team. He has to improve in a lot of areas for this to happen.

Kaminsky will be a free restricted free agent next summer as long as the team gives him a qualifying offer. The former ninth overall pick in the 2015 draft is entering his fourth season with the team. While he has averaged over 10 points per game over his career, he hasn’t shot above 43% from the field yet. In addition to that, his rebounding numbers are not up to par for a big man.

The fact that he hasn’t shot well enough to be considered a solid stretch four and hasn’t been capable of being a good rebounder poses a few questions. How can Frank Kaminsky earn a second contract with the Hornets? Is there a spot for him in the current hornets rotation? What will have to do to prove to the new coaching staff to get him into the second unit at least?

In the end, the answer is improvement on the defensive end and efficiency on the offensive end. It’s never too late for a player to improve his game. Take Jeremy Lamb for example. He wasn’t a solid scorer earlier in his career, but worked his way to being a solid second unit scorer. Kemba Walker wasn’t the best outside shooter during his early years, but worked his way to being a much better shooter.

Obviously, Kaminsky is a different player than Lamb and Walker, but he is capable of improving his game. Players always get motivated to become better, but this especially happens when it is a contract year. Kaminsky must be able to improve in a lot of areas because there are a lot of new faces on the team ready to contribute. If he isn’t ready to perform at a high level, players like Miles Bridges will be chomping at the bit to get minutes.

Overall, Frank Kaminsky still has time to prove that he is a solid NBA player. He must play more consistent and with a lot of energy. His efficiency around the rim must be better along with his rebounding. In the end, he will have to really fight for his minutes this season. We will see if the former Wisconsin star can prove himself to the new Hornets coaching staff.