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What Charlotte Hornets fans are thankful for

We celebrate Thanskgiving on At The Hive with a fans’ perspective on their most appreciate topic of the Hornets.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today, we take a look back on what we are thankful for in our life. This long-held tradition has been a staple of American culture for over two-hundred years. And today, we want to take an alternative approach to it.

Here on At the Hive, we embrace our fans’ opinions and thoughts and sometimes use them in our pieces. This is because they’re our driving factor into why we post these pieces on this website. We wouldn’t be in the place we are now without them.

Two days ago on our site’s Twitter, I asked our followers one thing about the Charlotte Hornets that they are thankful for.

With that, here are the top responses submitted by you Hornets’ fans.

Shoutout to long-time Hornets’ broadcaster Stephenie Ready for the chime in. Her, along with the duo of Dell Curry and Eric Collins makes the Hornets the best broadcasting crew in the association.

At the end of the day, it feels like one big family on At The Hive. Having a smaller market like Charlotte has allowed our community to grow in a close-knit environment, and I for one am very thankful for that.

With that said, enjoy your Thanksgiving Day everyone! Whether that’d be going to special events or having dinner with your friends and family, this is a time that brings us all together.