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Charlotte Hornets vs. Detroit Pistons game thread

The Hornets look to clinch the season series.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are 2-0 against the Detroit Pistons this season. Maybe they can make it 3? Hopefully it doesn’t come down to a buzzer beater followed by a technical foul. That stuff is stressful.

Also, despite being in pretty much the same spot as the Hornets, the Pistons have taken a completely different route. The Hornets stay at .500. The Pistons yo-yo like it’s nobody’s business. The started the season with four straight wins, then they lost five straight, then they won nine out of eleven games (including a five game win streak), then they lost six straight. Now they’ve won two out of three. What a roller coaster.

This is now an open thread!