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ATH NBA Mock Draft: Picks 25-27

We are nearing the end of the first round. Here are picks 25 through 27.

Texas A&M v Michigan Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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25. Los Angeles Lakers (via Cleveland Cavaliers): Khyri Thomas

Laieke Abebe - The Los Angeles Lakers are targeting free agency as the place where they will make their mark this summer. They go into this summer with enough cap space to sign two max players to big money deals. However, the NBA draft still exists in the minds of Magic Johnson and the Lakers brain trust. They will be looking for depth and shooting in this draft and there could be diamonds in the rough in the late stages of the first round. Enter Creighton shooting guard Khyri Thomas.

Although he’s undersized for a shooting guard, he has a great jump shot and is very good with his decision making and defense. He is very good at the rim and it also a solid rebounder for someone at his position. The Lakers were 29th in the league in three point percentage and will be looking for someone that can help improve their chances at making the playoffs for the first time since 2013.

26. Philadelphia 76ers: Josh Okogie

Nick Denning - Okogie was Georgia Tech’s leading scorer at 18.2 points per game, and ranked second in rebounds at 6.3. He also shot fairly well from 3 at 38.0 percent. At 6’4 he isn’t a big for the shooting guard position, but at 213 pounds, he shouldn’t get pushed around, either.

Having already selected Miles Bridges with the 10th pick, taking Okogie could help fill a potential gap at shooting guard. The Sixers could lose J.J. Reddick to free agency, and while Okogie won’t replace Reddick’s production, he’s an offensive minded prospect the team could develop as they move forward.

27. Boston Celtics: Moritz Wagner

Andrew Waters- If Wagner is still on the board come pick 27, then this is an obvious no brainer for the C’s. They currently have two of their current centers hitting restricted free agency this summer (Aron Baynes and Greg Monroe). However, besides Bayne’s outliesh 48 percent from three in the 2018 playoffs, the spacing that both those players provided the Celtics had been very few and far between.

This is why the Celtics should draft Wagner. He is 6’11”, 245, and has a very versatile offensive game. He can beat you in the post with his up-and-under moves. His mid-range game isn’t bad either. But the most important aspect of his offense is his three-point shot. Wagner was able to shoot a near 40 percent from the college 3 while shooting four a game. This spacing that he provides can finally allow the Celtics under top notch coach Brad Stevens to orchestrate plays that allow opportunities for all five guys on the floor to space the floor. Paired up with Al Horford, and the Celtics can produce a tall frontcourt who can become multi-dimensional on offense.