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Charlotte Hornets unveil new classic white pinstripe uniform

In celebration of the team’s 30th anniversary, the Hornets unveiled a classic white edition of the pinstripe uniform.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled a new uniform for the 2018 NBA season today, and it’s another throwback to a classic design.

The new design pays homage to the white pinstripe uniform from the 1988-89 season that became synonymous with the Hornets identity. Unveiled in a short video through the team’s official app, the uniform appears in an old box TV after a montage of classic Hornets moments capped off by the slogan, “The Original is Back”:

Credit: Charlotte Hornets

As you can see, the pinstripes run vertical down the top while teal and purple trim outline the edges of the top and shorts. While we don’t get a close up of the shorts, it does appear that the classic Hornets logo is included in the center of the waistline.

Here is a closer look at the top:

Credit: Charlotte Hornets

These uniforms are very similar to the teal pinstripe edition that the team played in last season. But that’s not a bad thing, as these uniforms were and remain one of the best in the NBA.

The full video posted on Hornets Twitter account can be seen here:

We don’t know if these white uniforms will replace last season’s teal edition or if the team will play in both. Here’s hoping for the latter.