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Charlotte Hornets unveil “Classic Court” for upcoming season

The court will be used on nights the team wears their classic uniform.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled a “classic court” for the upcoming season as part of the team’s 30th anniversary celebration.

The court design was first made public on the team’s official app, and boy does it look good.

The 1996-97 team played on the original design of this court, and as you can see below, the remastered design is pretty spot on:

And for the superstitious types, the Hornets also won 54 games that season playing on this court. If court designs could help win ball games, this season’s team should play on this design all 82 games.

Today’s court unveiling follows the classic uniform design announced last month. The Hornets will play on this court when they wear the classic jerseys. According to a team press release, they will play on the court a minimum of six times this season.

The Hornets 30th anniversary season is off to a start from a promotional standpoint. If the team can play up to these standards as well, it could end up being a special season. Of course, none of this matters unless Rufus makes at least one appearance during the season. You can keep the orange and blue uniforms locked away, but at least give me Rufus and Hugo playing 1-on-1 at some point.