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The first FanPulse results are in

The results of the FanPulse survey are in, and there aren’t any surprises.

Last week, we shared SB Nation’s FanPulse with you. It’s essentially a weekly survey consisting of about three multiple choice questions. The results are tabulated and put into nifty graphics that I’ll share with you every week.

It’s not too late to sign up if you’re interested. Here’s the link.

This week’s batch of questions focused on big picture items that cover the entire league. Going forward, these questions will be more in depth and have a Hornets focus for Hornets fans. First up, Rookie of the Year.

The majority of users think Zion Williamson is the favorite to win Rookie of the Year over the field. His injury may lessen his odds, but it’s hard to deny his talent.

Next, we have the MVP.

The fans think Giannis will win his second consecutive MVP award. Hard to argue with that. Anthony Davis and James Harden have to share the floor with other offensive superstars while Kawhi Leonard will probably load manage himself through the season. Looks like a two person race at the start.

And lastly, we have the NBA Champions.

And there you have it. The Los Angeles Clippers are your 2020 NBA Champions. There’s no way 50% of the fans could be wrong.

Again, if you want to be a part of FanPulse, sign up here.