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Bleacher Report mock draft has the Hornets at #1

Who are they (projected to be) picking? You’ll have to open this article and find out.

Bleacher Report posted a 2020 NBA mock draft today in honor of 26 of 30 NBA teams having their first regular-season game. For fan bases like ours, it’s never too early to be looking ahead at the prospects that’ll be available in June.

Jonathan Wasserman has the Charlotte Hornets picking #1 based off of Caesar’s sportsbook in Vegas’ win-total lines; whether or not the lottery actually plays out in their favor remains to be seen. I doubt they’ll be the worst team in the league, and I also doubt that Dan Gilbert doesn’t pay off Adam Silver and get Cleveland their 12th #1 pick in the past decade, but it’s nice to dream.

Cole Anthony, UNC freshman point guard and son of former NBAer Greg Anthony, went #1 to the Hornets in this mock. It may trouble some fans to select a point guard after signing Terry Rozier to a three-year, $58M contract, but Anthony is far and away the best player in the draft (right now, on 10/24), and I’m not sure the Hornets are in a position to pass on talent to fit a need.

Memphis center James Wiseman, Georgia wing Anthony Edwards, and overseas players Lamelo Ball and Deni Avidja are also regarded as potential high draft picks. Wiseman would look like a good pick on the surface, but taking a big man in the top-three is risky with how the NBA is evolving. The track record on big men selected in the top-10 since Anthony Davis is spotty. A wing like Edwards that can score at three levels and defend with competence is probably where I lean if the Hornets don’t pick #1 and have a shot at Anthony.

Personally, the NBA draft is one of my favorite things to talk about in regards to basketball, and it’s going to become an even more crucial point of focus for the Hornets’ franchise for the next few years. Sound off in the comments on who you think the Hornets should be looking at. Like I said, it’s never too early; we’re gonna be watching the standings, might as well watch the draft boards!