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The Hornets will be facing off against an angry Clippers team

The underdog Hornets will look to surprise one of the league’s elite teams

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Charlotte Hornets Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

What: Charlotte Hornets (1-2) at Los Angeles Clippers (2-1)

When: 10:30 p.m.

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

How to Watch: Fox Sports Southeast (Charlotte), NBA TV

Good news Hornets fans, the Los Angeles Clippers are beatable!

The Clippers opened the season with dominant wins against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors, immediately establishing themselves as the best team in the NBA, even without Paul George. Then, on Friday night, the Clippers somehow lost to the lowly Phoenix Suns. The good news is the Clippers can be beaten. The bad news is they’re probably still angry about their bad loss to the Suns and will be looking to punish their next opponent - the Charlotte Hornets.

Kawhi Leonard is perhaps the best basketball player on the planet. He is among the league’s most dominant two-way players with an almost unstoppable offensive game coupled with shut-down perimeter defense. But the Clips are by no means a one-man band. Lou Williams seemingly never misses jump shots while fading in any direction. Patrick Beverly is arguably the NBA’s peskiest point guard and tends to contribute much more than what appears in the box score. Montrezl Harrell has one of the league’s biggest motors and will grind opposing big men into submission with his general tenacity. Throw in a solid coach in Doc Rivers and Los Angeles has few flaws.

The Charlotte Hornets, meanwhile, are coming off a spirited loss to the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday in which they trailed by just one point at the half then got run off the floor in the second half. A Lakers-Clippers back-to-back on the road is about as tough as it gets, but it will be great experience for a young and developing Hornets roster.

A successful outing for a young Hornets team may be to keep the game within a single-digit deficit at halftime then see if they can catch fire in the second half and win in an upset. Perhaps they can learn from yesterday’s loss to the Lakers and play four full quarters of solid basketball instead of just two. It won’t be easy to do against a loaded Clippers team, but as the Suns recently proved, it’s possible.


What’s your prediction for tonight’s game?

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    Hornets win a close one
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  • 15%
    Clippers win a close one
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    Clippers win easily
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