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Too Many Kings, Not Enough Crowns

Game Preview: Charlotte Hornets at Sacramento Kings

What: Charlotte Hornets (1-3) at Sacramento Kings 0-4)

When: 10:00 p.m.

Where: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California

How to Watch: Fox Sports Southeast (Charlotte), NBA League Pass

This team is last in their division. It’s young core can be exciting to watch on the offensive side of the court, but is unable to keep the ball in front of them on defense. This team’s point differential, the amount of points scored versus the points allowed, in their loses is the largest in the league. With all that being said, the jerseys are still cool… but enough about the Sacramento Kings, this is a Charlotte Hornets site.

The Hornets buzz into the Golden 1 Center with a few bad losses following in their wake. For whatever bright side there is to see in PJ Washington Jr. and Miles Bridges, the season will still be littered with the types of losses seen over the past week. But there will be opportunities to step up and show how that potential can convert into actual wins, and games like the one tonight against the Sacramento Kings are one of those opportunities.

Unlike the Hornets, the Kings came into the season with some potential and expectation to make a step towards the playoffs. De’Aaron Fox may be the fastest basketball player in the league, and the progress he made in the 2018 season had him getting votes for Most Improved Player. According to coach, Dave Joerger, the combination of Fox and Bagley would remind people of Westbrook and Durant. Well, if you squint a little, tilt your head to the left about ten degrees, you can’t see anything close happening at all. The Kings are averaging less than 100 points per game and their defense may be worse than the Hornets.

There hasn’t been much positive to say about the results of these Hornets games either. As much as there are flashes of offensive brilliance in the scheme being played and the young players implementing it, the loses keep piling up. The Cody Zeller double doubles and the Devonte Graham highlight reel is interesting to look at in hindsight. But nothing and nobody is helping the sieve of a defense on the other side of the ball. If the Hornets want to leave Sacramento with a win they’ll have to commit to team defense and PJ might have to get a little tougher in the paint and snag more rebounds.

So if you are Coach Borrego trying to save anything from this west coast trip where the team has faced some of the best squads in the league, then you have to circle this game with a red marker. On the other side of the coin, the Kings must be desperate to get a win this season, and the Hornets are their best hope.