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The west coast swing comes to an end in San Francisco

Golden State vs. Charlotte game preview. Who would’ve thought this would be a tank-a-thon?

Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

What: Charlotte Hornets (2-3) at Golden State Warriors (1-4)

When: 8:30 p.m. EDT

Where: Chase Center, San Francisco, California

How to Watch: Fox Sports Southeast (Charlotte), NBA League Pass

First off, I would like to thank the Golden State Warriors franchise for naming their sparkling new arena after me. For them to name an arena after a lazy blogger that sits on his couch all day is a questionable business move, but still much appreciated.

Obviously, the news above adds a new dynamic to the Warriors-Hornets game on Saturday. The Warriors were already hobbled with Klay Thompson out and their utter lack of depth, but without Steph Curry? One of the worst teams in the West, if not a bottom-five team in the entire NBA. D’Angelo Russell is the owner of the NBA’s worst plus-minus as of Oct. 31 at 2:51p.m EST, and was a candidate to be traded even before it became clear the Warriors should tank this season. If you think Draymond Green is carrying this team anywhere past a 13th in the conference, I feel sorry for you. The reality of the situation in San Fran got very bleak, very fast.

Not to be that guy (he says as he is being That Guy), but the timing of it all falling apart works out for Charlotte. Golden State’s momentum has been strapped to an anchor and thrown into the San Francisco Bay, and with DLo and Draymond running the show, they aren’t much better, if at all, than the Hornets.

Both teams should live in the paint for this game. Draymond and Cody Zeller are viable interior defenders, but they’re also the only players on their respective teams that one can say that about. The Hornets are 27th in the NBA in drives to the rim per game (36.4), but firing up 36 threes would be letting their bad defense off the hook a little bit. Some Spain PnR sets to get the big man rolling free to the basket while creating shooting space for the ball-handler would be a welcomed sight.

There’s a solid chance the Hornets come back to Charlotte at 3-3. The stage is being set for Terry Rozier to have his first big game as a Hornet, too. He’s been getting a little bit better every game, which has been overshadowed by Devonte’ Graham being very good and fun. But, Rozier shows up for big games, and this could end up being a “big game” in Hornets terms. It’ll do wonders for their confidence if they can pull out a win and go 2-2 on the road trip.


This could get ugly, and for once, not on the Hornets’ end. A Draymond-less Warriors squad couldn’t stop a nosebleed.