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Podcast: The Raptors ruined the Hornets’ buzz

The Hornets were riding high after a couple buzzer beaters before the Raptors had to go and rain on their parade.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have gone all in on being the most exciting team in the National Basketball Association. That’s not to say they are the best or most talented team in the league, but they know how to make the games fun (most of the time). Three straight Hornets games were decided by last second shots, the last two of which worked out in the Hornets favor.

We talk about the game winners and the wins as a whole, why it’s wise to assume these close game results won’t be sustained as the season goes on, and why that’s okay. We assess the team in its current state and what it’s probably going to look like later in the season.

Other topics:

  • Zach is mad at the national media because he wants to be a Hornets hipster
  • It’s Jonathan’s fault that the Hornets lost to the Raptors by 36 points
  • Nicolas Batum is back in the lineup and he’s taking a lot of minutes from younger players. Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Somewhere in the middle?
  • Who’s buzzin’ and who wuzzn’t with some easy and not-so-easy answers.
  • A look ahead to the Hornets next four games, and why they could win them all