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The first FanPulse results are in

Hornets fans are iffy on the direction of the team.

The first FanPulse results are in, and fans of the Charlotte Hornets are a little iffy on the direction of the team. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof in a fancy graphic.

The lack of confidence is understandable. The franchise just let its start player walk for nothing and seems destined for a long season. Voting for this came before the Hornets recent two game winning streak. That number may climb if the Hornets continue to string together good performances.

It’s also not the lowest number in the survey. Fans of the Pacers (33%), Knicks (22%), Kings (9%), and Bulls (0%) are all lower.

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The other question in the FanPulse survey centered around the structure of NBA teams. We’ve transitioned out of the ‘Super Team’ era where the Heatles and Warriors ran the league to a time where the contenders are spearheaded by dynamic duos. But which do NBA fans prefer?

Nobody likes the super teams, which is good, because they’re pretty much gone. More fans want parity, because parity brings hope.

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