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Hornets fans are extremely confident after team’s recent winning streak

Hornets fans have a lot to be excited about.

The Charlotte Hornets are winners of three straight games, and they’ve got the fan base buzzing. On the initial FanPulse survey, only 40% of Hornets fans said they were confident in the team. Fast forward a few wins, and that number has skyrocketed.

Note that this poll was take before the Celtics game.

Nearly every Hornets fan polled said they are confident in the direction of the team. At this rate, nearly 200% of Hornets fans will have faith in the team by this time next week.

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On to the national question. The NBA implemented a coach’s challenge rule. It’s like the NFL’s rule, except it doesn’t require a superfluous act like throwing a flag (or chair) to get the attention of the official that you’re already talking to. And coaches can challenge fouls and such.

NBA fans are a fan of the new rule, which is surprising because people usually hate all new things.

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