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FanPulse: Hornets fan confidence on the rise

Several wins and some amazing individual performances have Hornets fans feeling good.

For the second consecutive week, we had a Wednesday night event that goes against the feelings of the poll. Oh well, we’ll see the results of that next week.

Before last night’s loss to the Cavaliers, the Charlotte Hornets were winners of four of five. Devonte’ Graham buried the Nets with his first career 40-point game, and the Hornets ground out wins against the Bulls and Kings with stifling defense. All that made for some happy Hornets fans, whose confidence rose notably over last week’s survey.

Hornets fans in general are very confident in the direction of the team, and last week’s results are a perfect indicator of why.

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It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows around the NBA though, especially among playoff hopefuls out west. A number of teams that we’re used to seeing in the playoffs have stumbled out of the gate. That’s opened the door for new teams to squeeze into the playoff picture. Respondents were asked which two teams with losing records were most likely to make the playoffs. We have one old head and one new face.

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