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Hornets fans share their holiday wishes

We asked Hornets fans on Twitter what they wanted for their holiday of choice.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the holiday season. In the spirit of the season, we asked Charlotte Hornets fans on Twitter what they wanted for whatever holiday they celebrate this time of year. The answers were varied, but there were some common themes.

We’ll get the...less friendly ones out of the way first.

Seems fair.

Maybe not as fair.

A few fans wanted to see the Hornets get more wins under their belt, and maybe even push for the playoffs.

But the number one wish on Hornets fans’ list is to finally be gifted some positive draft luck.

(I’m guessing this person meant Tae AKA Devonte’ Graham)

That last one is probably my favorite. So much ambition. So much hope. So much room for tragic disappointment. We could only dream of being so lucky.

So, At the Hive commentors, what did the Twitter people miss? What’s your holiday wish for the Hornets?

And of course, we at At the Hive would like to wish all of you safe and happy holidays!