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FanPulse: Hornets fan confidence takes slight dip after big loss to Bucks

The fan base was understandably a little down after last weekend’s performance.

Last Saturday, the Charlotte Hornets lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, 137-96. That was the last taste of the Hornets that most fans got before this survey, which probably explains the dip.

The Hornets went on to blow a late lead to the Suns in spectacular fashion on Monday, so any later respondents probably weren’t feeling too great either. But despite the Hornets recent failings, fans seem generally confident in the direction of the team.

It’s worth noting that I forgot to post the FanPulse piece last week with all the Thanksgiving stuff happening. But Hornets fan confidence was up then, even though the Hornets were in the midst of a five game losing streak. Go figure.

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On to the national question.

Hornets fans just experienced this first hand on Wednesday night. The Hornets nabbed their first convincing win of the season, and they did it over the reigning Western Conference Champions. Injuries have gutted the Warriors, and they’ve been forced to trot out pseudo-G League lineups on more than a few nights.