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Hornets can’t quite complete comeback, lose to Nets 117-115

This game followed a similar pattern to the previous one, but the Hornets didn’t have enough juice to put it away this time.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Kemba Walker scored 32 points, but his potential game-winning 3-pointer was “blocked” at the buzzer as the Charlotte Hornets lost to the Brooklyn Nets, 117-115.

This game started much like Friday’s game against the Wizards. It took the Hornets just over nine minutes to dig themselves into a 14 point deficit. That deficit held true through the end of the first quarter, at which point the Hornets trailed 34-20.

The Hornets again turned into a real NBA team in the second quarter and played the Nets to virtual draw.

The third quarter was when the fireworks started. After falling behind by as many as 19 points, the Hornets went on a 16-4 run to get back within striking distance. At the end of the quarter, their deficit was just six. Kemba Walker spurred the run, scoring 15 points and tossing two assists in the third quarter alone.

Another run, this time 12-0, early in the fourth quarter put the Hornets ahead. The Hornets built their lead up to eight points with just over three minutes remaining, but they couldn’t shut the door on the Nets. D’Angelo Russell scored 12 points in just over two minutes to help put the Nets up two in with under a minute to go. After a miss from each team, the Hornets had a chance to win the game, but Walker’s 3-point heave was allegedly blocked. Walker and head coach James Borrego clearly think the referees missed a foul call. You can make your own judgment:

For what it’s worth, the ref closest to the action looks to be raising a fist as the contact is made, but apparently he reconsiders. Oh well. It is what is.

Up next is a visit from an angry Golden State Warriors team on Monday.