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James Borrego was not happy with the Hornets’ effort against the Warriors

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The Hornets head coach didn’t mince words when sharing his thoughts on Sunday night’s game.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ashley Shahahmadi interviewed Charlotte Hornets head coach James Borrego after Sunday night’s 47-point loss to the Golden State Warriors, and he was none too pleased with his team’s performance. He went so far as to call it one of the team’s “most unprofessional games of the season.”

Borrego was also asked about Willy Hernangomez. Ashley brought up his free throws as a potential indicator of his physicality, but Borrego was very quick to point out that his positive impact was limited to the offensive end. On Willy, he said “I need to see that fire and that fight on the other end” while praising Hernangomez for his offensive output.

If Borrego was this visibly agitated in a post game interview, you can only imagine what the atmosphere in the locker room was like. Luckily for the Hornets, they play another game tonight, so there’s no time to let this loss fester. We’ll see how they respond.