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The Hornets lottery odds and likely draft spot are set

The Hornets finished the season in a three way tie with the Heat and Kings. Today the order of their picks was decided.

NBA: NBA Draft 2015 Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today the NBA did random drawings to break ties and set the draft order between teams that finished with the same regular season record. The Charlotte Hornets finished the season tied with the Miami Heat and Sacramento Kings, so they were part of today’s drawings.

The first implication of being tied in the standings is that these teams will share the same lottery odds. They are as follows:

Chance for #1 pick: 1.0%

Chance for #2 pick: 1.1%

Chance for #3 pick: 1.2%

Chance for #4 pick: 1.4%

Chance for pick in top four: 4.8%

If none of those teams leap into the top four, their order at the back of lottery was decided by today’s drawing. For once, the Hornets actually caught a lucky break.

The Hornets were drawn first, meaning they’ll pick 12th if none of these three teams leap into the top four.

The Hornets draft spot will be set for good on Tuesday, May 14th during the NBA lottery.