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Charlotte Hornets to join the NBA 2K League in 2020

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The Hornets will be the 22nd NBA franchise to join the ever expanding league.

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The Charlotte Hornets announced today that they will join the NBA 2K League in 2020.

Hornets president and vice chairman Fred Whitfield shared his thoughts in the press release.

Hornets Sports & Entertainment is thrilled to bring the next professional sports league franchise to Charlotte. The popularity and growth of esports both in the U.S. and internationally continues to rise at a tremendous rate. Our NBA 2K League affiliate will provide us with another opportunity to extend the HSE brand and reach a highly-coveted, as well as hard-to-reach, younger demographic of fans. We look forward to joining the NBA 2K League in 2020 and bringing exciting, fast-paced and entertaining esports action to the fans of Charlotte.

The NBA 2K League is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a league co-run by the NBA and Take Two Interactive, the owners of the 2K video game series. The league is set up like a traditional sports league, with teams playing weekly in a regular season that ends with playoffs to determine a champion. There are also a couple in-season tournaments with their own prizes. All of the games can be watched on the league’s Twitch channel.

No word yet on the 2K team’s name or branding yet. We’ll be sure to share that info with you once it’s released.