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Brandon Clarke headlines Hornets fourth pre-draft workout

The Hornets bring in their first candidate at the twelfth pick with five other prospects.

Now that the lottery has taken place and the draft order is set, pre-draft workouts can begin in earnest. The Charlotte Hornets are hosting their sixth workout of the offseason on Monday, and this is the first to feature a prospect in play at the twelfth overall pick. Here’s the full list of participants:

  • Brandon Clarke, Forward/Center, Gonzaga
  • Charlie Brown Jr., Guard, St. Joseph’s
  • Jon Davis, G, Charlotte
  • Javin DeLaurier, Center, Duke
  • Milik Yarbrough, Guard/Forward, Illinois State
  • Markell Johnson, Guard, NC State

Brandon Clarke is the headliner of this group, as he’s a very real possibility for the Hornets pick at twelve. The 22-year-old is one of the top defensive players in this class and could shore up the Hornets front line, but he’s also likely to be one of the oldest players drafted.

The group also features a couple local kids in Jon Davis and Markell Johnson as well as a guy named Charlie Brown.