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At the Hive is under new management

The Hornets aren’t the only team undergoing change this time of year.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

There are going to be some changes coming to At the Hive this summer. First and foremost, the site has a new site manager.

It’s me.

I’d like to think Vashti for her contributions to the blog and the journalism advice she gave me behind the scenes and wish her the best of luck with her own blog and the rest of her future endeavors. Thanks to Nick and Josh for bringing me on board back in 2017 to start my Charlotte Hornets blogging journey. Also thanks to all you guys in the comments for your feedback and support. This wouldn’t be as fun without you guys.

I’m not going to write a super long introduction piece about myself because I don’t like them and most of you reading this probably already have a good idea of who I am anyway.

We’re going to keep cranking out content for you guys all through the offseason. I’m going to diversify the content we have going forward to satiate the desire for Hornets content that I know you all have. Someone has to do it, and the rest of the Internet doesn’t seem keen on it. We’re going to make this the spot for Hornets fans, and I look forward to the beginning of this journey with you all.