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Frank Kaminsky agrees to contract with the Suns

The big man will head to Phoenix on a two year pact.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The great 2019 purge of the Charlotte Hornets roster continues. After the Hornets elected against offering center Frank Kaminsky a qualifying offer, the four-year vet reached an agreement with the Phoenix Suns on a two year contract.

The deal is for two years, $10 million, or $5 million per year if you’re not good at math.

I’m kinda surprised the value of this deal isn’t higher. There was supposed to be a significant market for Kaminsky’s services. Normally that means a bidding war resulting in a significant contract for the player.

Kaminsky joins a no good very bad Suns team. He’ll probably split time with Dario Saric at the power forward spot while spending a few minutes at center.

Kaminsky played well for the Hornets down the stretch, as has been the case for his entire career. It’ll be interesting to see if Kaminsky can put together a good season from start to finish elsewhere.