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Madden ratings? What about 2K ratings?

Madden wasn’t the only video game to release player ratings this week.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We’re in the doldrums of the sports calendar. The NBA Summer League just ended, NFL training camps haven’t started, and baseball is in the middle of its ridiculously long schedule. The lack of meaningful sports happenings opens the door for something as simple as player ratings in an upcoming video game to take the sports media world by storm. That’s what happened this week when EA Sports released the team and player ratings for the upcoming Madden NFL video game.

Somewhat hidden by the Madden hype, the NBA 2K franchise gave us our first look at some player ratings in the upcoming NBA 2K20 video game. They released the top 20 players in the game, as well as the top five rookie and top five 3-point shooters. The Charlotte Hornets? Well, they didn’t show so well. As in, they didn’t show at all.

The 20th best player on 2K is Blake Griffin. He shares an 88 overall rating as former Charlotte Hornet Kemba Walker (that still hurts to type), who are both decidedly better than any player on the Hornets roster.

According to last year’s most recent ratings, Cody Zeller is the best player on the Hornets, with a 78 overall rating (every other team in the NBA has at least one player over 80). New point guard Terry Rozier is a 75, as are Miles Bridges and Malik Monk. You can click that link for the rest. Those rankings are from the last update of NBA 2K19, but they aren’t likely to change a whole lot when the new game is released.

What do you think Hornets fans? What overall ratings do you think the current Hornets deserve?