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Mitch Kupchak says stuff to the media, Terry Rozier is officially a Hornet

Now that the moratorium is over, the details surrounding the Hornets offseason are becoming clearer.

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

The moratorium on NBA free agency has been lifted, so all of the deals we’ve seen announced are being made official. One of those is the Charlotte Hornets acquisition of Terry Rozier.

The Hornets will acquire the former Boston Celtics point guard in a sign-and-trade. Part of that trade requires an exchange of second round picks that is somewhat convoluted.

In other news, Rozier will wear number 3 for the Hornets.

With the deal becoming official, Hornets General Manager Mitch Kupchak spoke with the media via conference call. There are a couple of tidbits to take away.

First, the direction of the team seems to be somewhat in line with the idea we talked about on here the other day.

First, the line about planning to be an entertaining and sustainable team is front office speak for “this team is going to be bad this season.” You don’t set your aspirations around being entertaining when you think your team is going to win. On a similar note, it’s refreshing to see that the front office seems to have the development of the young guys on the top of the priority list.

Kupchak is a big fan of the newest Hornet.

Based on what he’s saying, Kupchak views Rozier as part of the young corps of players and is very high on his abilities and work ethic.

This part is irrelevant at the moment, but Hornets fans can take solace in this comment if they choose to.

Maybe someday...