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Top 5 plays of the Charlotte Hornets 2018-2019 season

Before we dive into the upcoming season, let’s take a final look back to some of the most memorable moments of the previous campaign,

Charlotte Hornets v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

With training camp just over the horizon, all the content after this post will cover all things in the 2019-2020 season.

But, I want to go down memory lane one last time. Despite the team finishing with a mediocre 39-43 record, there was still plenty of entertaining moments that had all of us jump out of our seats in amazement.

With that said, here are the top five plays of the Charlotte Hornets last season.

Number Five: Dwayne Bacon’s dagger three-pointer

We start with my favorite game of the season last year. With the team positioned in the playoff bubble, they had to secure every game possible in order to have any shot at postseason play. Matched up against the San Antonio Spurs, Hornets wing Dwayne Bacon came out of nowhere, racking up a career-high 24 points in the effort.

The most iconic moment came late when Bacon was able to get Spurs big LaMarcus Aldridge one-on-one, and, with relative ease, hit a step-back three-pointer that secured the game for Charlotte in the extra frame. That shot signified a coming-out party for the former Seminole, and it helped boost his confidence through the final slew of games to end that year.

Number Four: Cody Zeller’s poster

The only away game on this list features Cody Zeller throwing down the hammer in Orlando.

Coming off a high pick-and-roll, the big man was able to find the separation he needed to fly in for the flush. In the process, he got all over Magic forward Aaron Gordon, putting him on a mean poster.

We’ve seen Zeller do this a couple of times in his career, such as the times he went up against Kenneth Faried and Pau Gasol. But this was by far his best dunk of last year.

Number Three: Malik Monk and Miles Bridges alley-oop

Back in December of last year, Malik Monk initiated the best alley-oop pass of the season for the Hornets. Taking the ball away from Anthony Davis in the post, he was running the fastbreak when he surprisingly threw it off the backboard.

In came Miles Bridges, who threw down a monster two-handed dunk. The whole transition from defense to offense was so smoove, it even had the video’s commentator in awe.

Number Two: Jeremy Lamb’s game-winner against Detroit

On December 12th of last year, the Hornets found themselves tied up at 106 with no timeouts against the Detroit Pistons at home.

Kemba Walker dribbled the clock down to eight seconds left, drove towards the elbow then kicked it out to Lamb with 3.6 seconds left. Lamb was, fortunately, able to gather himself after stumbling to catch the pass cleanly. He squared up and drained in a picturesque swish that won the game.

The best part of plays like these is listening to the home crowd spike in volume with cheers and celebration.

Number One: Lamb’s half-court heave

There’s no doubt who belongs in the number one spot.

With 3.1 seconds left and down two points, the Hornets were in serious trouble matched up against the Toronto Raptors on March 24th. Jeremy Lamb once again fumbled the pass, this time from a side-out feed by Bacon. This left him with nothing to do but to shoot a desperation prayer from 58 feet away from the basket.

Magically, the ball drained in from long distance, winning the game for Charlotte. Everyone was in complete awe, from Kemba’s wide face of disbelief to Hornets broadcaster Eric Collins saying his iconic phrase: “Good golly, miss Molly!”

That’s what sports are all about.

Did I miss any iconic moment? Let me know in the comments section.

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