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Podcast: The Hornets are coming back to Earth and trade szn

The Hornets are suddenly losing almost all of their games.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back! It’s been about a month, but there’s no rust on this podcast.

The Charlotte Hornets are losing a lot of games right now—12 out of 14 to be precise. We talk about the losing streak in general, along with...

  • The Hornets made a transaction with their two-way contracts.
  • Hornets season ticket prices are going down.
  • A couple more thoughts on the league meetings centered around a schedule overhaul
  • Why the losing streak has been very palatable. By losing streak standards, it’s actually been pretty fun to watch.
  • Trade season! We each come with our own proposals and look at one from a national writer. Zach is trying to get a fan favorite up out of town.
  • Who’s buzzin and who wuzzn’t, including inconsistent players and uniform thoughts
  • A look ahead to this week’s two game slate

As always, you can find us pretty much anywhere you get your podcasts.

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