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Fanpulse: Midseason report cards

The NBA has hit its midway point, so it’s time for fans to grade their teams grades.

This is kinda like that time back when you were in high school and got a mid-quarter progress report to take home to your parents so they could see the dozens of homework assignments you didn’t do. The whole NBA has played half of their schedule, so it’s time to hand out midseason grades. Charlotte Hornets fans are somewhat satisfied.

In a season with no expectations, I don’t know how you come up with a C grade, but I’m willing to listen.

As for the week-to-week feelings, Hornets fans are feeling more confident despite the team having not won a game in over two weeks.

But at least we all feel better than Bulls fans.

The FanPulse nation was asked to grade the NBA season as a whole, and they feel just as good about it as Hornets fans do about the Hornets.

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What grade do you give the Hornets for their season so far?

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