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Poor second half dooms Hornets as they lose to the Wizards, 121-107

The Hornets forgot how to basketball at halftime.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Bridges scored 23 points and Terry Rozier added 21, but a poor second half did the Charlotte Hornets in as they lost to the Washington Wizards, 121-107.

The teams started the game with the customary exchange of 8- and 24-second violations. Bradley Beal airballed a 3-point attempt on the Wizards first possession. Miles Bridges swished a three on the Hornets’. They capitalized on the Wizards’ apathetic defense all quarter long and sprinkled some highlight plays in to add some extra pizzazz.

The Wizards league-worst defense was on full display as the Hornets repeatedly got the ball into the paint with almost no resistance—26 of their 33 first quarter points came in the paint. Bradley Beal was the only Wizard that showed up on offense, scoring 15 first quarter points including nine at the free throw line.

The second quarter was a lot of the same. The Wizards were reliant on Beal to generate offense while the Hornets did the bulk of their damage in the paint. The Hornets didn’t finish as well and didn’t score as many points as a result, but the Wizards were only able to shave two points off their lead. At the half, the Hornets led 60-55.

The Wizards provided a little more resistance coming out of the halftime break while the Hornets intensity went the other way. The ball didn’t move crisply on offense and the Hornets couldn’t generate any good looks for themselves. At one point they went five minutes and 43 seconds without a point. The Wizards scored 13 unanswered points in that time to take an eight point lead. The teams traded baskets as the quarter wound down, and the Hornets took a seven point deficit into the fourth quarter.

The Hornets couldn't get on track in the fourth quarter. The offense woke up a little bit, but it was completely undone by more bad defense. The Wizards got hot from three and when they did miss it seemed like they were able to beat the Hornets to the rebound. The game got away from the Hornets and the benches were cleared before the game ended.

The entire second half was a headache to watch regardless of who had the ball. It was just bad basketball.

The Hornets will hop on a plane to San Antonio to take on the Spurs on Saturday.