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Three Hornets named to the Rising Stars game

Devonte’ Graham, Miles Bridges, and PJ Washington will all take part in the All Star weekend festivities.

Chicago Bulls v Charlotte Hornets
I couldn’t find a picture with all three.
Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets will be represented at All Star Weekend! No players made the actual All Star team, which isn’t the least bit surprising, but a few young guys will get some recognition in the Rising Stars game.

Miles Bridges, Devonte’ Graham, and PJ Washington will all represent the USA team in the World vs. USA format that the league has used over the last several years. As far as I’m aware, it’ll be played like a normal game and not with the funky new rules the NBA is using for the All Star game.

It’s nice to see pieces of the Hornets young core get some national recognition. The Hornets aren’t winning games, but the league has taken note of how productive the Hornets recent draft picks are.

It’s also a reminder of where the Hornets are in their development. 60% of the team’s starting lineup is playing the Rising Stars game. They’re super young.