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2020 Hornets prospect scouting report: Grant Riller

The Best Kept Secret Of The 2020 NBA Draft


Height: 6’3”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Wingspan: N/A

2019-20’ Stats: 21.9 PPG 5.1 RPG 3.9 APG


Shot Creation: Riller is a professional bucket getter, who isn’t afraid to deploy every move in his arsenal to get around his defender. Riller is a fun player to watch. His film takes me back to the hoop mixtape days of guys just crossing each other out of their sneakers. He is a skilled player who knows what his game is and is comfortable with the way he scores. Riller is a crossover machine who easily can go right to left and vice versa while driving towards the rim without bobbling or losing his handle on the ball. Riller does an excellent job of creating space between himself and the defender he loves using the jab step into a step-back jumper or the array of hesitation combination moves he puts on display. Grant Riller’s footwork is, next level he doesn’t move like a college player at all.

3-level Scorer: Riller reminds me a lot of Toronto’s Guard Fred Van Vleet in the way he uses his body while attacking the rim and drawing contact, putting defenders in tough spots to contest the shot attempt without fouling. Riller’s game is rounded out by his tough shot-making ability. Riller is 6’3 but from the shots he makes you would think he is 6’8, Riller has no problem pulling up from the 3-point line let alone the midrange shooting off either foot he is the most well rounded 3-level scorer in this draft.


Ball Movement: Riller’s ISO scoring comes with its issue like most ISO scorers he gets caught dribbling the clock out and throwing the offense out of rhythm, the best way to mitigate that to a degree is to get that player off-ball when bringing the ball up the court and set your offense. Riller right now will be best served to come off the bench and being a spark plug for any NBA team that drafts him. Riller is a score-first PG, but putting him into a role to run the offense early in his career can be detrimental to his development as an all-around PG but the team’s offense. Grant Riller also has to become more accurate with his passes, I am not entirely sure if it is more about vision or if it is just bad decision making but Riller got ripped trying to force some tough passes that lead to easy turnovers for the defense.

Defense: I will not say Riller is a bad defender because that would be untrue, but too many times does he have mental lapses and loses his defender. There are also too many moments where he just does not give enough effort to fight over screens in pick and roll action. Riller is a willing defender and has shown flashes of being able to apply ball pressure and get into passing lanes, causing havoc. But he does not show enough of that effort to just overlook some of his obvious defensive issues.


Riller could be an obvious target for Charlotte with pick 35, He offers depth and some much-needed scoring on the bench. Riller will be 24 years old when the season starts, which isn’t old but for a rookie makes you question how much of a ceiling for his game there is left to develop. I think Riller will be an immediate impact in the NBA, older prospects always seem to be a contributor, and Riller really offers some legitimate bench scoring for whatever team selects him.

PRO comparison: Fred Van Vleet/Lou Williams