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NBA Draft 2020 Big Board: Top-75

I lied last time but this is actually the last update

NBL Rd 9 - New Zealand v Illawarra Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

At The Hivers, the marathon is over; we’ve finally made it to draft day. After eight long months of waiting, our Hornets are (technically) back in action this evening and Mitch Kupchak should have his hands all over this draft. This is shaping up to be the most unpredictable draft since 2013, when “consensus” top prospect Nerlens Noel dropped from first to sixth overall, so it should be an exciting night for us as fans of not only the Hornets, but the NBA as a whole.

Below is a long list of prospects that are eligible to be drafted. You all have two options; comment and make fun of my rankings, or comment and agree with my rankings. Either way, start the day off with some draft discussion since this is the last day we can do that.

T1 (potential all-stars/all-defense)

1.1 L. Ball

1.2 A. Edwards

1.3 O. Okongwu

1.4 K. Hayes

T2 (potential high-end starters)

2.5 D. Vassell

2.6 I. Okoro

T3 (potential average starters/high-end role-players)

3.7 T. Haliburton

3.8 P. Williams

3.9 D. Avdija

3.10 J. Wiseman

3.11 T. Maxey

3.12 C. Anthony

3.13 K. Lewis Jr.

3.14 A. Pokuševski

3.15 R. Hampton

T4 (potential spot-starters/good role-players)

4.16 D. Bane

4.17 X. Tillman

4.18 O. Toppin

4.19 G. Riller

4.20 E. Hughes

4.21 S. Bey

4.22 I. Joe

4.23 M. Flynn

4.24 T. Terry

4.25 J. Smith

4.26 A. Nesmith

4.27 D. Dotson

4.28 L. Bolmaro

4.29 T. Maledon

4.30 Z. Nnaji

4.31 R. Woodard

4.32 J. Green

4.33 N. Mannion

4.34 P. Achiuwa

4.35 M. Jones

4.36 I. Stewart

4.37 T. Jones

4.38 J. Ramsey

4.39 P. Reed

4.40 D. Oturu

4.41 T. Bey

4.42 K. Tillie

4.43 J. McDaniels

4.44 C. Winston

4.45 N. Hinton

4.46 P. Pritchard

4.47 R. Perry

4.48 I. Quickley

Tier 5 (potential rotation players)

5.49 S. Mays

5.50 Y. Madar

5.51 J. Scrubb

5.52 U. Azubuike

5.53 J. Harris

5.54 T. Alexander

5.55 N. Marshall

5.56 S. Merrill

5.57 L. Diane

5.58 C. Elleby

5.59 J. Nwora

5.60 V. Carey Jr.

T6 (UDFA/Two-Way players)

6.61 C. Stanley

6.62 M. Howard

6.63 Ö. Yurtseven

6.64 J. Hall

6.65 S. Lee

6.66 N. Richards

6.67 A. Sylla

6.68 A. Hagans

6.69 K. Wesson

6.70 A. Lamb

6.71 P. Eboua

6.72 L. Stevens

6.73 K. Martin Jr.

6.74 T. Queen

6.75 J. Jessup