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Six Takeaways From The Hornets 3rd Preseason Game

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The Hornets are fun again.

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LaMelo Ball Three-Point Shot Is Coming Along

Ball made four of his nine three-point attempts in his 3rd preseason game that’s double his total combined in the prior two games. LaMelo played his most minutes this game and made the most of his opportunity scoring a preseason high 18 points. Ball is showing how comfortable he is becoming in the offense with each game which is a positive that you want to see from your star rookie Point Guard. In other developments, Ball’s defense has been a nice surprise, a ton of energy, and even came up with a steal in this game.

These Hornets are FUN

The offense looks great. The ball is flowing, and the shots are falling, the hornet’s offense walks away with another 30-assist game and at least five players in double digits scoring. The offense just looks more fun this year than the last everybody is getting involved and looks to offer more ball movement than in the prior season. This is the second preseason game where at least five players registered double digits in the scoring column. Throw in a few LaMelo lobs and the hornet’s offense could be must-see TV sooner than later.

Zone Defense I LIKE

Borrega threw in some 3-2 zone in the game and the defense looked pretty good. Some active hands and a lot of communication on the floor. There were some struggles in moments but overall, I liked what I saw. The perimeter defense was marginally better in this matchup unlike in the prior preseason matchups against the raptors. I’m not too worried because everybody is still getting acclimated. But it is something to watch for improvement as we approach opening night.

Miles and LaMelo Connection

Miles and LaMelo complement each other well. Their minutes together were electric with LaMelo finding Miles twice for two jaw-dropping alley-oops that showed off Miles Bridges God-given athleticism that we’ve seen since his days at Michigan State. The pick-and-roll action between the two is something that should be a staple in the offense this season, it looks to be very lethal if timed correctly consistently. Miles also walked away with an efficient 17 points on 8/12 shooting.

Scary Terry

Terry Rozier had some pep in his step this game, he came out shooting and was playing with some confidence on the floor leading the way scoring with an efficient 20 points on 6/13 shooting. Rozier had good energy on both sides of the ball and set the tone on defense coming up with three steals and seven boards Rozier was everywhere today and is making his claim as a starter for the Hornets this upcoming season where the presumption from the outside looking in was that he would just take a step to the side for LaMelo Ball.

Hornets Starter Cody Martin

While Gordon Hayward’s injury doesn’t look to be long term it was a bit of a surprise to see Cody Martin be inserted into the starting lineup at SF with Bridges staying on the bench. Martin didn’t look bad in his minutes with the starters not doing too much when the ball was put in his hands and provided some energy grabbing five boards and nine points. Rationalizing Borrego’s move, the coaching staff keep the Hornets depth by leaving Bridges on the bench, so he can continue getting comfortable with that role, and developing chemistry with the second unit. The Achilles heel last season for this team season was the bench unit, and the Hornets are doing their best to address it.

The Hornets look to be an exciting offense this season, and are progressing each game. The team just has a better feel and hopefully they will have a better season.