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Podcast: Preseason reviews, game previews, Kyrie Irving burning sage

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We overreact to everything that happened in the preseason and use it to predict what’s going to happen in the Hornets first three games of the regular season.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is our last podcast episode before the regular season starts. In it, we put a bow on the preseason before looking ahead to real meaningful basketball.

  • Our takeaways from the way the Charlotte Hornets approached the game of basketball in the preseason
  • Turnovers turnovers turnovers
  • Who helped themselves the most in the preseason and why is it Miles Bridges?
  • The Hornets guards picking up where they left off last season
  • Why we’re not freaking out about the struggles of PJ Washington
  • Should the Hornets consider moving Bridges into Washington’s spot after what we saw in the preseason?
  • Cody Martin had a sneaky bad preseason as well
  • LaMelo Ball’s preseason
  • LaMelo Ball stealing rebounds
  • The Hornets have a welcoming schedule to start the season
  • The Cavs are bad. The Thunder are probably bad.
  • The Nets are not bad, but they are interesting
  • Are we worried about Kyrie Irving burning sage in Spectrum Center
  • Miles Bridges is excited for the season