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FanPulse: Hornets fan confidence has leveled off heading into the All Star break

Kudos to Hornets fans for not getting too caught up in the ebbs and flows of the season.

It’d be very easy for fans of the Charlotte Hornets to lose up and give up on the season. If you frequent Twitter, you’ve probably seen a fair amount of Hornets fans wondering why this rebuild is taking so long (we’re just over 12 a season in, for those of you keeping track at home). Thankfully, the Hornets fans that respond to these FanPulse surveys are a little more patient than that. Fans aren’t all in—and how could you be with this team—but the majority feel good about their general direction.

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The results are holding steady while a lot of the non-contender surveys see their fan confidence heading south. My favorites are the Bulls and Magic:

Must be nice to be a Raptors fan:

All respondents were asked to predict this year’s champion. There were a lot of options. Three teams took the vast majority of the votes: