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Hornets All Star break link roundup

Here are some tidbits of Hornets information on the Internet to hold you over while we wait for basketball to start back up.

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We have a couple more days until the Charlotte Hornets are back in action. I’m struggling to come up with something to write about for some #content, so I’m going to let other people do my job for me. Here are some bits of news and links about the Hornets floating around the Internet.

Miles Bridges got Twitter in a tizzy over his halftime Tweet and subsequent play in the second half

I think we all feel the same way as Luka Doncic in this picture. Even LeBron James shouted out the young forward.

Marvin Williams signed with the Milwaukee Bucks, and Kemba Walker isn’t happy about it

Zach Lowe touches on Terry Rozier’s lack of point guard prowess in his weekly ‘Ten Things’ column

An excerpt:

[Charlotte’s] offense has cratered when Rozier plays without Graham: 94.7 points per 100 possessions, nine points worse than Golden State’s 30th-ranked offense.

Rozier doesn’t download the floor fast enough. Passing windows close before he can exploit them. He pauses mid-dribble when zipping another bounce or two would unlock a profitable passing lane. He takes some puzzling shots with lots of time left to probe.

Rod Boone of The Athletic has number of good pieces up if you’re a subscriber