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Podcast: Trade deadline spectacular

The Hornets did nothing at the deadline, but we still have plenty to talk about.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Charlotte Hornets did absolutely nothing once again. We still have plenty to talk about, including:

  • The Hornets standing pat and why it’s not a bad thing. It’s boring, but we run through the possible scenarios the Hornets are setting themselves up for this summer.
  • The rest of the league made a lot of trades, many of which indirectly affect the Hornets.
  • The Hornets got a boost to their draft positioning with the trades that went down.
  • A Jonathan rant about the local media coverage doing the Hornets a disservice.
  • LOLOLOL the Pistons and Andre Drummond.
  • Who’s buzzin’ and who wuzzn’t, including props to the front office and why the Rockets give the hope to the Hornets frontcourt woes.
  • A look ahead to the Hornets final three games before the All Star break.

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