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A farewell to Marvin Williams

Giving a personal touch to the departure of the six-year Hornets forward.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Here on At The Hive, our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date Charlotte Hornets content.

I’m going to change things up a bit.

Instead of having your normal piece headlining each transaction, I’m attributing a more personal tone to each of the team’s upcoming moves.

This is because players who have graced the purple and teal should always be a member of the organization. Whether they were a non-impact role player or a franchise icon, there should be a closer relationship between fan and athlete.

To start, Marvin Williams has recently been bought out by Mitch Kupchak and company in the front office.

Now a free agent, he’s set to begin the next stage of his NBA career on a team looking to contend for a championship.

Here’s my composition highlighting the six years of Williams in the Queen City.

Marvin Williams, I bid you farewell.
You have rejuvenated your career,
Breaking through the illustrious “bust” shell
As you gage into your latter frontier.

Adaption became your identity
Shifting over to the frontcourt position,
Knocking down threes was your own entity
Orchestrating the team’s spacing like a musician.

May we never forget that saying
Of whom Eric Collins yells,
A “bouncing triple” displaying
Your value on the court truly tells.

Versatility was your calling card,
Playing positions three through five
You were successfully able to guard
Any player, while continuing to strive.

Although you never shot in size
Percentages were always your key
Shooting 38% of those tries
Putting the goggles up was your guarantee.

Although this may be the end
It sure was an exciting run,
A former Tar Heel, you did extend
The laughs and joys of everyone.

Farewell Marvin Williams.