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FanPulse: Hornets fans stay confident, and they love their local broadcast crew

Why wouldn’t they?

The Charlotte Hornets beat the Houston Rockets wire to wire and suffered some narrow losses over the last week. That’s enough to keep Hornets fans confident in the direction of the team.

Fans of the Hornets’ next three opponents don’t feel quite as good about their respective teams.

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TV broadcasts are the theme for this week’s survey. Fans of every team were polled on whether or not they like their favorite team’s broadcast crew. Hornets fans love Eric Collins and Dell Curry.

There were negative options in the poll, but they didn’t get enough votes from Hornets fans to make the chart.

Unsurprisingly, most fans generally like their local broadcast. About a third of the teams have “Pretty Good” as the top choice and the rest have “Great” as the top choice.

Respondents were also asked which network has the best TV crews and whether or not they think the negative tone of some national broadcasts is hindering ratings.