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Charlotte basketball’s definitive jersey rankings—the worst of all time

What do you talk about when there are no sports? You talk about the stuff they wear to play sports.

23. Pinstripes and Racing Checkers 2009-2011 Charlotte Bobcats Alt Jersey

I imagine this coming over a garbled radio transmission in a forgotten land where the basketballs roll like tumbleweeds across the empty streets. The courts and stands in giant arenas sit empty where once legends soared and slammed.

“Keep hope, ball brothers and sisters, for this too shall pass!”

There’s no basketball. And yes, there are bigger problems in the world, but I don’t use them to de-stress and distract myself in uncertain times. I use the drama and majesty of the greatest sport ever created: Basketball.

Therefore, in the absence of the round ball, I am going to complete a comprehensive ranking of every Charlotte Jersey ever created. Fittingly, there are 23 styles of Charlotte Jerseys to rank. Starting from the objectively worst and ending with the unarguably best jersey in Charlotte professional basketball history, ranking each one with our patented, secret points system.

A few caveats, pointers, and motions to the court:

  1. Charlotte Bobcats jerseys are definitely allowed.
  2. New Orleans Hornets jerseys are definitely not.
  3. Your ironic fashion statements hold no weight here.
  4. And lastly, My Word is Bond… Wu-Tang.

And now without further explanation, At The Hive presents the comprehensive Charlotte Jersey rankings:

23. Pinstripes and Racing Checkers 2009-2011 Charlotte Bobcats Alt Jersey

Editor’s note: The only thing worse than these jerseys is the names that are on them when looking for pictures on the Internet. Looking at you Joel Przybilla and Alexis Ajinca, among others.

What a bewildering monstrosity, it was certainly a race to the bottom with some of these old Bobcats jerseys, but there can be only one. After naming the team after himself and finding no traction with the locals, Bob Johnson decided to add pinstripes to the Bobcats jerseys and echo those legendary Hornets jerseys from the nineties. But why stop there? Maybe Bob could trick some unsuspecting race fans into watching a basketball game by adding a checkered pattern going down the sides.

What makes this Charlotte Bobcats jersey the worst jersey in Charlotte history is not the blatant ploy to garner local popularity in the laziest way possible. What makes it the worst is that there are nuggets of good ideas in this jersey. The pinstripes alone look okay. The Bobcats logo in the middle of the checkered pattern pops. But all and all, this is your worst Charlotte Jersey of all time.

Stay tuned for At the Hive for more of the best and worst of the many uniforms the Hornets/Bobcats have graced the court with.