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Charlotte basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 22 & No. 21 (Home and Away)

Orange is the new whack.

22 and 21. 2004-2009 Orange and white Charlotte Bobcats Jerseys

Charlotte lost the Hornets in 2002. After two years wandering the basketball desert, Bob Johnson announced he was bringing professional basketball back to the Queen City. There were three main contenders for names: The Charlotte Cougars ( after the old ABA team which we will delve into later in the series), The Charlotte Flight (real cool especially if you knew MJ was going to buy the franchise), and The Charlotte Bobcats.

NBAE/Getty Images
Sporting News Photos Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

These initial Bobcats jerseys seem to be based on the roadside maintenance fashion that was popular in the mid 2000s. I think it was Plato who said, “Anytime you can put blue, black, and orange together Don’t do it!” but don’t quote me on that. Nothing like buying an authentic NBA Jersey only to look like you bought it from a flea market vendor that didn’t have the rights to the real thing. Going from the teal and purple to these third rate Slamball Unis (remember Slamball?) was not the reason why the Bobcats never caught on, but it was one of the reasons. For more reading on the Bobcat concept I’d recommend this ESPN article where the creator of the logo is quoted as saying, “”Ultimately, the amount of people that want to wear the Bobcats logo in the next couple of years will be directly correlated to the team’s success on the court.” Way to immediately pass the buck, Historical spoiler alert; the wins never came either.