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Hornets staying connected through old Kobe Bryant playoff games

Zach Lowe talks about the Hornets innovative way of staying engaged through the NBA shutdown.

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Zach Lowe of ESPN published an enlightening piece on what the Charlotte Hornets coaching staff is doing to keep players connected and engaged during the NBA shutdown due to the coronavirus.

The NBA is in uncharted territory. Not only are there no games being played, but players and coaches don’t have access to team facilities to meet and work out. With most of the country shut down, there isn’t really anywhere to meet or practice anywhere else either. That means coaching staffs have to get creative with how they keep their players engaged and improving.

James Borrego and his staff are doing just that, using film from old playoff series to teach his young players about the intensity of playoff games, the adjustments made between games, and the changing landscape of the NBA. Borrego meets with the players in small groups where they discuss each individual game and how the series has progressed from game to game and the adjustments each team is making. The playoff series they’re studying now—Nuggets vs. Lakers in 2012, Kobe Bryant’s last playoff series win.

Check out the full article for quotes from Borrego and several Hornets players. It’s a very good read.