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FanPulse: Hornets fans are still feeling good

The Hornets have had some ideal results over the last week or so.

Charlotte Hornets fans continue to stay optimistic through a season full of losses. These results were tabulated before the Hornets narrow losses to the Spurs and Nuggets, but I think those games further reinforced what can generally be seen as a successful season. The Hornets are playing well and showing promise for the future, but the wins are eluding them, keeping their draft status intact.

That’s an impressive confidence rating and speaks well to the fan base’s ability to see the forest for the trees this season.

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Per the tradition I started like two weeks ago, here is how fans of the Hornets upcoming opponents feel about their respective teams:

^This one surprised me

Knowing Heat fans, there are probably like 5 participants in their surveys that are all feeling good because why wouldn’t you you’re in Miami and your basketball team is almost always good.

The national question focused on an issue that’s become a major topic of discussion in multiple North American sports.