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Charlotte basketball’s Definitive Jersey Rankings - No. 20

The Bluestein Bears a.k.a. The Morrison Effect

20. 2007-2009 Alt Blue Charlotte Bobcats Jersey

First of all, is there a kabal of Charlotte Bobcat internet revisionists trying to get all documentation of these jerseys erased from the archives? If so, you’re doing god’s work, keep it up. Secondly, the images of Adam Morrison that I am seeing through my extensive googling have been worth every click. The very fact that he was a professional basketball player, Nay his very existence proves.. Well it proves something… who am I Erwin Schrodinger?

Thirdly, these blue uniforms were the first alternates used by the Charlotte Bobcats. As you can see, nothing changed with the design of the jersey,save moving the colors around. With that being said, having the blue be the primary color really does improve the jersey as a whole. Orange works better as a highlighting color, just take for example… highlighters. But it’s all worth it to see Adam Morrison looking like the 8th grader with a mustache who’s on the middle school basketball team because he’s tall and the family court judge said he needed an extracurricular activity.